TextMachine 3D

Software for Visual Artists and VJs

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Text Control
Text editing and loading from .txt files.
Random text generation features, counters and timers.
Use all fonts installed on your PC.
Font search, preview and fast-click symbol output.

3D Text and 3D Models
Realtime 3D text generation.
3D Model import and live texturing (3DS and X-files)
XYZ rotation, position and size.

Particle Generators
Create particles off your text, video loops, and 3D models.
Control life, position and size.
Setup particle generator presets for later usage.

Images, Video Loops and Flash Movies
Use your favorite images, video loops or flash movies.
Render video textures on 3D models and text.
Control tiling, size, position, offset and speed.
Supported Formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV

Real-time Video capture
Real-time Video capture and manipulation from capture devices or web cam.

Architectural Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping of TextMachine 3D Output and input from external sources to custom projection surfaces like:
buildings, room corners, deco spheres & cubes, cylindrical screens etc.
Architectural Projection Mapping in Real-time with freely configurable mapping sequences.
Projection Map and Mask animation with keyframes.

Multi HD Output
Multi-Screen output for panorama projections or video walls.
Resolution per screen up to 1920x1200 pixels and beyond.
Manual output size definition for wide or custom sized screens.
Realtime rendering with high framerates.

Network Control of Multi Computer Stage Setups
For multi-screen stage setups, multiple instances of TextMachine 3D can be launched on the same computer or on computers connected via a local area network.
The multi-screen stage setup with a TextMachine 3D Network can so be controlled from the Server instance of TextMachine 3D simultaneously.

FreeFrame and Native Effects
Load your favorite FreeFrame plug-ins among the provided ones.
Control up to 8 FreeFrame effect parameters.
Add unlimited effects by using your own effect textures.
Built in feedback algorithm for blurs, trails and smear effect.

Parameter Animation
Manual parameter animation and playback.
Beat synchronization functionality.
Draw motion paths and let 3D models and text move along them

Audio Input and Control
10 band audio spectrum analyzer.
Link parameters to audio input.

MIDI/DMX Control
Easy to use MIDI learn mode.
Control parameters with up to 3 MIDI controllers simultaneously.
Save and load your MIDI setup to file.
Use DMX 2 MIDI via USB

Presets, Playlists and Cues
Manage and preview presets.
Compose, save and load playlists.
Define cues for exactly timed playback.
Best for info screens or timed visual performances.

Record the output to AVI using your favorite codec.
Create numbered JPG file sequences for later use with other image/movie processing programs.
Take screenshots and save as JPG.

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows Operating Systems (XP or later)

Required Software Components
DirectX 8 or later.
Adobe Flash 10 or later.

Required Hardware Components
Recent Laptop or Personal Computer.

512 MB RAM minimum, 1024 MB RAM recommended.

3D accelerated Graphic Card 64MB minimum, higher is recommended.

Optional: Dual/Multi- Monitor System or S-Video Output for preview and playback.