TextMachine 3D

Software for Visual Artists and VJs

TextMachine 3D youtube channel

TextMachine Software Architect:
Stefano Sartori [sartori-software.com]

Initial Concept:
Johannes Menneweger and Marcus Zobl [lichttapete]

Beta Testing/ User Manual:
VJ -[eM Tv]- [emtv.vjfrance.com]

vj eps :: we:sual as you:sual

Tutorials - French Translation
Traduction francaise Max (VirusVJ) & Gzaumm
Coordination et relecture par Emeric Delavaud

Many thanks to:

Tim Vis TextMachine Evangelist.

Eva & Gery from 4YourEye for promoting the software.

sfunited for providing brilliant ideas to improve TextMachine 3D.

Dirk Pfeifer for constructive feedback.

Andrea Dzionara for enthusiastic testing and playing

Thanks to all the people who supported the development and the propagation of TextMachine 3D!